Colour wheels, from the tube

Experimenting with colours straight out of the tube. Trying to keep everything very bright and saturated to accommodate my colour-blindness. Currently using Winsor & Newton:  Cadmium Red Hue РCadmium Yellow Hue РChrome Yellow Hue РLemon Yellow Hue РViridian (Hue) РCerulean Blue Hue РFrench Ultramarine РDioxazine Purple РCobalt Violet Hue РPermanent Alizarin Crimson.


160720a (2016) oil on paper

Reminds me of some of Stephen Bush’s paintings.


Stephen Bush Delivering Pinus Mugo (2010) oil and enamel on linen 200 x 310cm

And Richter’s 80s abstraction:


Gerhard Richter Abstraktes Bild (1986) oil on canvas 82 x 67cm

I also made this (below) using an old colour wheel (the background) and adding the new paints on top, with some Titanium White to lift the darker blues, purples and greens.


160720b (2016) oil on paper

When I was making that one, I was vaguely thinking of Power Flower (2010) by Jules de Balincourt:


Jules de Balincourt Power Flower (2010) oil and acrylic on panel 244 x 335cm


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