New material: oil bars


Trying out oil bars. I like the idea of being able to draw alongside the paint with a material that is essentially but in a different consistency. This is my first go with them, using them like big crayons and drawing over a page that was already covered in paint (dried).


160726a (2016) oil on paper 25.5 x 35.5cm

So far the marks are reminding me of paintings by Basquiat, Condo and Mark Grotjahn.


Jean Michel Basquiat Untitled (1982) acrylic and mixed techniques on canvas 207 x 176cm


George Condo Double Heads on Red (2014) acrylic, metallic paint, charcoal and pastel on linen 198.1 x 279.4cm


Mark Grotjahn Untitled (Black Over Red Orange “Mean as a Snake” Face 842) (2009-10) oil on cardboard mounted on linen


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