Bars and brushes

More experimentation with the oil bars, this time combined with paint, all going wet-on-dry over a purple and blue background. Objects improvised from imagination.


160801b (2016) oil on paper 40 x 30.5cm

This one (above) reminds me a bit of some Patrick Caulfield pictures.

Still Life Ingredients 1976 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005

Patrick Caulfield Still Life Ingredients (1976) screen print on paper 53.3 x 53.7cm

And this one (below)…


160801c (2016) oil on paper 40 x 30.5cm

… makes me think of Laura Owens, although it’s difficult to single out any particular painting to illustrate the similarity.

Also, in comparing these two, it’s worth noting that Owens’ painting is almost nine times the size of mine.


Laura Owens Untitled (2013) acrylic, oil and Flashe on linen 349.2 x 304.8cm


One thought on “Bars and brushes

  1. your’e blowing me away. To have a short observation with your work is so generous – and as i don[t know you from Adam, Mr daub daub, these will be useful. I’m in.


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