Colour is addictive


Still learning and practicing with the basic colour wheel, and it’s pretty addictive. For those interested, my current set of paints are (L-R): Cerulean Blue Hue; French Ultramarine; Dioxazine Purple; Cobalt Violet Hue; Permanent Alizarin Crimson; Cadmium Red Hue; Cadmium Orange Hue; Cadmium Yellow Hue; Chrome Yellow Hue; Lemon Yellow Hue; Permanent Light Green; Viridian Hue.

I see more expensive paints available, but the price difference is so huge that I’m sticking to these for now. I’ve been getting 200ml tubes of Winton from Cass Art at £7.75 each – a lot cheaper than the ones priced up to £250 a tube! Any painters reading this think that these cheaper paints are inferior, and if so in what way? Let me know.


160809a (2016) oil on paper 30 x 40cm


160804b (2016) oil on paper 24.5 x 35cm


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