New material: acetate stencil


160815b (2016) oil on paper 40 x 30cm

Not sure if acetate is the best way to stencil oil paint, but it’s the first thing I’ve tried so far. This painting was made using the acetate on some parts and masking tape on others. I was pretty careless and I had fun with it. Now it’s done, I see echoes of a whole variety of abstract artists, including Charline von Heyl, Caio Fonseca, Daniel Sturgis and Stephen Ellis.


Charline von Heyl It’s Vots Behind Me That I Am (Krazy Kat) (2010) (anyone know the materials and dimensions for this work? let me know, thanks!)


Caio Fonseca Fifth Street Painting (2002) gouache on paper 95.2 x 124.5cm


Dan Sturgis Fictive Call (2008) acrylic on canvas 41 x 50cm


Stephen Ellis Untitled [SEVL-12-2] (2012) oil and alkyd on linen 99 x 152.4cm


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