More perspective doodling


160824a (2016) pencil and pen on paper 18.5 x 17.2cm

Sometimes when I’m doodling like this I think I ought to be using my time practising painting, but in the end  it probably saves time and money to just doodle ideas, rather than mixing up all the paint that I’d need to do this, and then the clean up afterwards, just to get a sort-of-cute picture that doesn’t matter much. If I make a doodle that I really like, I can always try it in paint afterwards.

The floating houses at the back of this picture remind me of Magritte’s Golconda, although the perspectival foreshortening of Magritte’s figures is much more subtle (almost non-existent) than the multiple vanishing points that I used on my houses.


René Magritte Golconda (1953) oil on canvas 81 x 100cm


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