One day’s primordial soup


160823b (2016) oil on canvas 37 x 32.5cm

Lately I haven’t been posting many pictures of my paintings because I lent my camera to a friend. Now I’ve got it back, so here’s a day’s worth of paintings. George Condo said something once, on the lines of, “I’m not going to hide my workings”, and I like that. Some of his early paintings are so difficult to love, but they’re all part of the continuum of his work and that’s what’s really interesting.

I’m still at a very early stage and I think of all this stuff as the “primordial soup” from which my future paintings will hopefully emerge.


160823c (2016) oil on canvas 38 x 38cm

This one reminds me of the robot in Frank Kelly Freas’ album cover artwork for Queen’s News of the World (okay with me, because I like the episode of Family Guy where Stewie is terrified of that picture), and also of Adrian Ghenie’s Pie Fight paintings (not a route I’m interested in pursuing, because I pretty much agree with Jerry Saltz on Ghenie).


Adrian Ghenie Pie Fight Study 3 (2008) oil on canvas 30 x 40cm


Frank Kelly Freas Queen: News of the World [album cover] (1977)

Here are the other paintings I made on 23rd August. I was experimenting with putting together colours and forms that I’d usually think of as bad or ugly, to see if something interesting would result. It takes faith to believe that something interesting could spring from these inauspicious beginnings, but there it is.


160823d (2016) oil on canvas 40 x 32cm


160823e (2016) oil on canvas 39 x 56cm


160823f (2016) oil on canvas 31 x 39.5cm


160823g (2016) oil on canvas 39 x 28cm


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