Daubs in progress

Lately I’ve had a few canvases on the go, and I alternate between working on them. This helps take the pressure off working on just one at a time, and also prevents me from working wet-into-wet out of impatience. I’m trying to use all the canvases like pages in a note book, just practicing whatever kind of paint technique I feel like at the time, but I’m also trying to think about how I combine colours and compose the elements on each canvas.

These are all in process. I’m not sure why I’m posting images of them when they’re incomplete. Maybe because I want to see them like this, on here, to think about what (if anything) to do with them next.


160904 Green / Yellow Cubes (2016) oil on canvas

The cubes are painted on a separate scrap of canvas that I’ve pinned onto the main canvas. When the paint is dry, I plan to sew it on.


160906a Yellow / Black / Red Apple (2016) oil on canvas

Every time I try to write something using paint, I’m surprised how difficult it is to control my handwriting. It made me realise how little control I have using a brush, so I decided to practice using a handwriting exercise.


160906b Red / White / Black Hats (2016) oil on canvas


1609?? Green / White / Blue Botany (2016) oil on canvas


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