Early work

One thing I love about painting is that you can constantly evolve what you’re doing, making new choices and learning new things about the process from one moment to the next. Given enough input, this evolution continues over decades. I find it fascinating, and very encouraging, to compare an artist’s early work with later works, and see their progression. It makes me wonder what my paintings might look like in the future, if I work hard and stick at it.

Some of these comparisons are twenty years apart, others only a few years.

George Condo


George Condo Clown (1985) oil on canvas 50.8 x 40.6cm


George Condo Purple and Yellow Abstraction (2012) acrylic, charcoal and pastel on canvas 147.3 x 167.6cm

Neo Rauch


Neo Rauch Der Mohrenschneider (The Carrot Cutter) (1989) oil on masonite 125 x 60cm


Neo Rauch Der Laden (2005) oil on canvas 209.9 x 300cm

Peter Doig


Peter Doig New York (1980) India ink and watercolour on paper 29 x 41cm


Peter Doig Red Boat (Imaginary Boys) (2004) oil on canvas 200 x 186cm

Dana Schutz


Dana Schutz Tired but Happy (2000) oil on panel 43 x 34cm


Dana Schutz Reformers (2004) oil on canvas 190.5 x 231cm

Jules de Balincourt


Jules de Balincourt The Concert (2003) oil and enamel on wood panel


Jules de Balincourt Internal Renovations (Diptych) (2005) acrylic, oil and spray paint on panel 220 x 299.7cm

Laura Owens


Laura Owens Untitled (1991) acrylic and pencil on paper 121.9 x 152.4cm


Laura Owens Untitled (2015) acrylic, oil, Flashe, and silkscreen ink on linen 274.3 x 213.4cm


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