Different strokes (Schutz, Linhares)


160824b (2016) oil on canvas 29 x 30cm

These paintings were made quickly, with a vague intention to recreate a certain kind of expressionistic brushwork and colour remembered from paintings by Judith Linhares and Dana Schutz (I gave up fighting the influence of Schutz and decided to work through it instead).


160824c (2016) oil on canvas 32 x 31cm


160906 (2016) oil on canvas 50 x 42cm

Here are examples of the kind of paintings by Linhares and Schutz that I had in mind.


Judith Linhares Cove (2011) oil on canvas 134.6 x 165.1cm


Dana Schutz Stare (2003) oil on canvas 123.2 x 91.4cm


5 thoughts on “Different strokes (Schutz, Linhares)

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  2. I was arrested by your comment that you gave up fighting the influence of Schutz and decided to work through it instead. That made my day. It is not only true that we are all influenced by other artists in our creative decisions, it is mature to acknoweldge it and not to be disturbed by it. Without a doubt those influences you actively work through will add to the whole of Liam Cole one day. If they are roundly absorbed, or even rejected in the end, their influence will be profoundly beneficient – whether it be obvious to anyone or not, even you.


    • Yeah, one of the reasons that I continue to paint with Schutz in mind is that it doesn’t seem to result in me producing anything that looks particularly similar to her work. My failed attempts to replicate her process result in my finding new processes of my own. So far, anyway.


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