Derivative daubs

Maybe it’s a bad habit, but lately if I think of a painting I like by somebody else, I just try painting something similar as an exercise. I don’t look at the original painting or copy it, I just quickly do something small from memory, with that painting in mind. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is – at this stage I learn something new every time I paint, no matter what I do. Here’s today’s daubs, with their parent paintings.


160919a Night Lamp (2016) oil on canvas


Dana Schutz Night Sculpting (2001) oil on canvas 106.7 x 119.4cm


160919b (2016) oil on canvas


Jules de Balincourt US World Studies #1 (2003) oil and spray paint on panel 111.8 x 86.4cm


160919c (2016) oil on canvas

Stern 2004 by Marlene Dumas born 1953

Marlene Dumas Stern (2004) oil on canvas 110.1 x 130.2cm


160919d (2016) oil on canvas

(I didn’t have any particular painting in mind when I made this one, but Schutz and de Balincourt in a general way)


160919e (2016) oil on canvas


Neo Rauch Vorort (Suburb) (2007) oil on canvas 149.9 x 248.9cm



2 thoughts on “Derivative daubs

  1. clearly it aint a bad habit Liam. You don’t have the parent piece in front of you, but it has prompted your creation. You do it quickly, so you are setting an idea, rather than focussing on some reproduction. The vast differences in the compositions exonerate you. Better still, the quickness trains your deftness in expressing something. And you will know better than me what skills and practices are working for you in these works. I’ve seen a few of your off the cuff pieces now. These ones here live and I see technique at work, distinctly, but surely, in each. The portrait is captivating. That’s its first job.



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