High noon, hard light: Roberts, Parker, Burian

This is a quick post, more of a note to myself. I just discovered the art of Tom Roberts in Australia’s Impressionists at London’s National Gallery. I like his crisp rendering of bright overhead sun and dark shadows.


Tom Roberts A Break Away! (1891) oil on canvas 137.3 x 167.8cm

It reminds me of some of my favourite dinosaur art, like Neave Parker and Zdenek Burian.


Neave Parker Prehistoric Forest (anyone have date and details for this picture? let me know, thanks!)


Zdenek Burian Gorgosaurus & Scolosaurus (1955) from Prehistoric Animals (1960) (anyone have title and details for this picture? let me know, thanks!)


2 thoughts on “High noon, hard light: Roberts, Parker, Burian

  1. I was gonna give you the tip to see this show at the National Gallery. Roberts is in the top handful of our popular artists. Some of his works are known I should think to every school child. Regard for him has revived – it flagged when the post moderns arrived.

    I think he’s in decent company too. The most favoured of the plein air boys prided themselves on mastering the searing sun and the light that burns. The earlier artists all painted as though they were in England and virtually ignored our completely different light and colours. We don’t really have verdant green in our landscape – it’s a more olive – there are browns and greys in it. There is an air of unreality about landscape paintings which don’t get that. Is this conversation useless for you colour wise – I forget what you see?


    • Definitely not useless for me, although I think it’s telling that the other pictures I thought of are black and white – I tend to notice the handling of tonal values more than chroma. But yes, I see the colour difference, and I like it very much. I went to National Gallery today, but the exhibition doesn’t open for another three days! Still, I lusted over Veronese and Moroni as usual, and then went to see Blue Velvet.


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