Painting for babies

These are paintings I’ve made for my nephew and niece who are aged three and one. The canvases and easels are tiny. He loves dinosaurs, she loves cats. It was fun to paint something for people who are (a) very subject-matter-oriented, and (b) highly acquisitive.

This photo looks weirdly high-contrast but it’s actually pretty accurate.


L-R: 161222b Cat (2016) oil on canvas 6 x 6cm; 161222a T-Rex (2016) oil on canvas 6 x 6cm

I enjoyed making these, and was thinking of (believe it or not…) early Albert Oehlen. I just now did a search for his 80s paintings and found these which I haven’t seen before, but they’re the kind of thing I had in mind.


Albert Oehlen Die Zeit heilte alle Wunden [Time Heals all Wounds] (1981) oil on canvas 50 x 58cm each

PS: I just found a Harry Hill painting with a dinosaur that’s a lot like mine.


Harry Hill (2011) (anyone have title and details for this painting?)


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