Black outlines


Ansel Krut Head With Bottles (2008) oil on canvas 76 x 61cm

In my review of the Painters’ Painters exhibition, I mentioned the amount of black outlines in the exhibition, including in the work of Ansel Krut (above). I got a little tired of them in that exhibition, but I do like high-contrast modelling of form, including black or very dark edges. This year I’ve been particularly enjoying them in paintings by Philip Guston and Neo Rauch.


Philip Guston Alfie in a Small Town (1979) oil on canvas


Neo Rauch Kalimuna (2010) oil on canvas 300 x 500cm

Sometimes I experiment with black shadows and outlines. Here are some examples (below). (I need to dig some of these out of my archives to get full dates and dimensions, will update here soon)


160909 (2016) oil on canvas 56 x 42cm


16???? (2016) oil on canvas


16???? (2016) oil on paper


161115a (2016) oil on canvas 28 x 26.5cm


16???? (2016) oil on canvas


161115b (2016) oil on canvas 26.5 x 32.5cm


16???? (2016) oil on canvas


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