When I called this blog “daily daub” I thought I might actually post whatever I painted each day. It hasn’t worked out that way, but if that was the case then today’s painting would be this telephone.


161226a Phone (2016) oil on canvas 14 x 19cm

Before painting I sketched an outline onto the canvas using a soft pencil. The graphite still shows through the black paint on the cord. I would avoid that in future. I think also that the smaller brush strokes would look better if I’d done them faster, with more of a swiping action. The whole thing could have been painted with faster messier brushstrokes and I’d probably prefer it, like this section of an older painting (below) that I’m currently using for my Twitter header. But mostly I’m okay with how the phone looks. If it was part of a larger composition, it would be fine with me.


Detail from 161201 (2016) oil on canvas 109 x 65cm


2 thoughts on “Daily

  1. We’ll never know whether it would have been a better look if you were a fast worker – but one thing’s for sure. You’re an old fashioned boy. :- )


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