Schiele’s Landscape with Ravens


Egon Schiele Rabenlandschaft [Landscape with Ravens] (1911) oil on canvas 95.8 x 89cm

I love Egon Schiele’s paintings, and I was surprised to recently find an amazing one online that seems to be well known but that I hadn’t seen before. It also looks quite different to the landscapes I know by Schiele. I was scrolling through a blog and when I saw this, Landscape with Ravens (above), I first thought it was an Oehlen painting from the early 1980s. Some of my favourite Oehlen paintings were made between 1980 and 1986, including Rotes Haus (below), which I wrote about before here.


Albert Oehlen Rotes Haus (1985) oil, lacquer and mirror on canvas


Albert Oehlen Untitled (1982) oil on canvas

Schiele’s Landscape with Ravens also reminds me of Guston’s Tormentors, and of the vaulting perspective in some of Jules de Balincourt’s paintings.


Philip Guston The Tormentors (1947-48) oil on canvas 103.8 x 153.7cm


Jules de Balincourt City Dwellers and Star Seekers (2010) oil and acrylic on panel 40 x 47cm


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