Dana Schutz, close up details


Dana Schutz Surgery (2004) oil on canvas

Surgery is a painting by Dana Schutz. It was made in the early 2000’s which is my favourite phase in her work (so far). I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see any of her work in reality, so I was happy to find these close-up photographs of Surgery (below). Thank you Chris Lowrance for posting these on Flickr.


Dana Schutz Surgery [detail] (2004) oil on canvas


Dana Schutz Surgery [detail] (2004) oil on canvas


Dana Schutz Surgery [detail] (2004) oil on canvas

Sometimes I make paintings of faces with Schutz’s work in mind, and I nearly always like the way they come out. It encourages me to approach colour, light and modelling in a different, less high-contrast way than I usually do. I’m intrigued to see if I can incorporate some of that into more complex compositions in future.


160918k Blond Stubble (2016) oil on canvas


160918j (2016) oil on canvas


16???? (2016) oil on canvas


160918h (2016) oil on canvas


One thought on “Dana Schutz, close up details

  1. I’m not sure that these of yours are much less contrasting colour wise than others I’ve seen. But there are gradations and this seems to lend a less stark impression. If they please you, suck them in. They’ll be there when you need them, later on. I say that not to lend you support so much as to acknowledge that your own comment is not self serving. It is useful in that it reflects your analysis – and hopefully feeds into your confidence and your arsenal.


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