Sketching, Kilimnik and Pettibon


170113b Thank You (2017) pencil on paper 20 x 21cm

It was my birthday yesterday and people sent me happy birthday wishes, so I drew these sketches to make a painting. Then I realised that I probably wouldn’t be able to paint it any better than the sketch, so I posted the one above as it is. One day I hope I’ll be confident enough with painting that I’ll be able to doodle something like this in paint just as easily as I can with pencil.


170113a Thank You (2017) pencil on paper 8 x 6.5cm

Last night I was looking at a book of Karen Kilimnik paintings. Last time I looked at it properly was when I first bought oil paints, January 2016. Before then I’d always thought her paintings were clumsily painted but somehow had a lot of mood and visual appeal. Now I understand better that that kind of mood and visual appeal are hard won, and I really admire the way that she combines subject matter, colour choices, application of paint, and relative values, to great effect, and makes it look easy.


Karen Kilimnik Dusk (1996) oil on canvas 35.6 x 45.7cm

I made a couple of quick paintings this evening with Kilimnik in mind. The one with the dog (below) borrows directly from several of her paintings, from memory.


170113d Kilimnik Dog (2017) oil on canvas 46 x 30cm

In 170113c Torch Goes Out (below), I was also thinking of Raymond Pettibon when I painted the white-pink cloud in the lower half of the picture.


170113c Torch Goes Out (2017) oil on canvas 44.5 x 27cm


Raymond Pettibon NO TITLE (WHILE HE LIVES…) (2006) pen and gouache on paper 59.1 x 101cm


One thought on “Sketching, Kilimnik and Pettibon

  1. Liam, your (Karen) Kilimnik dog successfully echoes some of the effect her Dusk. The colour choices and contrasts greatly influence the sense of deptH. I don’t observe how else she, and you, manage the clear contrast here.


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