170117 Litterbug (2017) oil on canvas 18 x 23cm

Another doodle.

Sometimes when I finish a painting I spend a very long time looking at it afterwards, usually looking at a photograph of it on my laptop. Maybe even longer than it took to paint. It’s compulsive, vaguely pleasurable, but a bit odd and probably bad for my eyes. I think it has something to do with thinking about exactly what works well in the painting, what’s not so good, what I would do differently next time, etc.

When I made it, I was thinking of my (current) favourite Schutz painting, Twin Parts (2004). I’m not worried about not being original with this kind of thing. I’m learning so much from this Schutz obsession, so I’m just going to keep working through it.


Dana Schutz Twin Parts (2004) oil on canvas 198.1 x 182.9cm

Last year I made some small studies of heads, and I really like four of them (below). Eventually I want to be able to make a whole painting of figures with heads like these, but so far I’ve had trouble making that painting technique work in a larger more complex composition.


1611 Four Head Studies (2016) oil on canvas, four irregularly cur pieces, total 36 x 30cm


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