Off days


170118a US Admiral (2017) oil on canvas 24 x 20cm

Not every day can be a good day. Yesterday I made a painting that I like, and when that happens I always think: Okay, I’ve cracked it. Now I know what to do, I’ll only get better.

Then today things weren’t coming out interesting. But I think probably I learn as much from making the disappointing paintings as I do from the gratifying ones. It still all feels like practicing so far.


170118b (2017) oil on canvas 48 x 28cm


3 thoughts on “Off days

    • Thanks for the feedback, Martin. That’s a great connection to Dorian Gray. I like that, although one of the things I’m not happy about this painting is that it looks like some kind of very blunt critique of US militarism, and it wasn’t mean’t that way at all. I just wanted to paint the uniform. I need to think more carefully before choosing a subject to paint!


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