Arm, wrist, fingers


170218a Pinocchio in Landfill (2017) oil on canvas

Doodling, thinking about gesture and practicing the movement of my arm, wrist and fingers when I’m making brush strokes. Thinking about Dana Schutz (the straight lines in the almost-100%-abstract “landfill”, above) and Raymond Pettibon (the curved outlines in the Happy Vegetable picture, below).


170218c Happy Vegetable in Rain with Manure (2017) oil on canvas


2 thoughts on “Arm, wrist, fingers

  1. I’ve got a month or more of your blogposts still to read. I’m traipsing around southern australia and doing my best not to be in touch for long each day. And not even every day. Anyways, your practising is, as usual, resulting in far more than your modest intent of increasing your technical skills. Pinochhio in the landfill is spectacularly successful. And while that is a patently useless remark in terms of dialogue and analysis, that’s how it has just struck me. There is lots going on and a complexity – not just in the composition.

    Maybe you’re an ingenue hehe. Not bloody likely with all your work and thinking and practising.


    • Thanks Phil, I’ve been posting a lot so I wasn’t expecting you to keep up with all of it – that would be almost a full time job! Hope you’re enjoying southern australia, and I’m very glad you like Pinocchio in his landfill. 🙂


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