B&W paintings from 2016


1609 Bouguereau Ladies (2016) oil on paper 38 x 48cm

Now that I’m painting in black and white again, it’s making me think about the black and white paintings I made last year when I first started painting. For the first nine months I used only black and white. Here are some of the paintings from that time.


1601n Legs Balls (2016) oil on paper


1602d Rock Pool (2016) oil on paper


1602jj (2016) oil on paper


1602jjj Heels Hand (2016) oil on paper


1602w Reclining Female Nude (2016) oil on paper


1603u Nude Female Torso Trans (2016) oil on paper


1605oo Woman Legs (2016) oil on paper


160727b (2016) oil on paper


3 thoughts on “B&W paintings from 2016

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  2. loving these – are they some you just got out the feathers and went for it without a plan? I don’t get the Bouguereau reference Liam – even though I googled him. And that one is just startling and works – hey, I’m diminishing the rest. They are diverse, they all sing with confidence. If you are not consciously composing them mate, you are most definitely unconsciously composing them. They aren’t mindless doodles.


  3. Thanks Philip! I don’t know what “got out the feathers” means. Bouguereau painted the portrait that I was working from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0f/William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_-_Gabrielle_Cot_-_Sotheby's.jpg.

    That picture generally gets a good response from my friends, artists and non-artists. I’m surprised, because I think of it as kind of a hacky “effect” picture, like a novelty thing. Also, I don’t like copying images, no matter how much I mangle them up.

    But I’m glad you like the others. đŸ˜€ Maybe I need another word for what I mean by “doodle”. I just mean it’s made up as it goes along, so it’s not really mindless, actually in a way it’s more mindful than working from a prepared image, because you’re making decisions all the time. I do think about composition while I’m doing it, and I’m glad it shows, although sometimes I wish I would mess up the composition more in the beginning of the process because then I’d have something interesting to pull against when I’m finishing the picture.


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