Specific objects


170217a Grey Scale (2017) oil on canvas 26.5 x 29cm

Still getting back into black and white. Without colour, I’m very conscious of light and texture. Often I’m tempted to paint random forms, just to practice painting light and surface (ie. above), but today I painted specific objects, because that puts the paint handling in context and forces me to think more about texture and composition, and edges toward subject matter.


170217b Bird (2017) oil on canvas 28 x 21cm


170217c Ring and Arrow (2017) oil on canvas 31.5 x 29cm


170217d Pinocchio Head (2017) oil on canvas 44 x 31cm


4 thoughts on “Specific objects

  1. your comfort in black and white comes through. Perhaps I need to see a fly on the wall video – you unconscious of it – which sits there for the whole process.

    here is the full quote of that Gertrude Stein witticism I mentioned the other day:

    “Young painters do not need criticism. What they need is praise. They know well enough what is wrong with their work. What they don’t know is what is right with it.”


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