New material: 205 x 120cm board

Sometimes I pin my canvases onto a board to mount on an easel. Today I bought a larger board that allows me to make paintings more than twice the size of anything I’ve done before. Even when I’m making smaller paintings, pinning the canvas to the board might be useful because it’s more like seeing the painting on a wall, giving a better sense of scale.

For example, in the past I’d have made a small painting like this (below) by laying it flat on the table and sitting with my eyes about 35cm from the canvas, like reading a book.


170225a Face (2017) oil on canvas 16.5 x 11.5cm

With the canvas pinned to the board I can stand back to view it, and the expanse of the board makes the painting appear smaller (below), giving me a much better idea of how the painting might look on the wall of a gallery, or in someone’s home.


16.5 x 11.5cm painting on the 205 x 120cm board

Another example: the painting I made yesterday is the largest I’ve made to date. Here it is on the new board, showing how much larger I can go in future.


57.7 x 104cm painting on the 120 x 205cm board


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