Improvisation and having fun


170302 Pianist Tinnitus (2017) oil on canvas 16 x 21cm

The white edges were meant to represent tinnitus in both ears, but I don’t think it comes across. I play piano, and I have tinnitus, but how to paint that? It’s a Dana Schutz type challenge, but maybe setting that kind of challenge for myself isn’t the right way for me to go.

I’m really relaxed about painting tiny pictures now, and I look forward to a time when I feel that way about painting big ones. This time I was so relaxed I painted the piano keys wrong, and I know them sooooo well! I enjoyed improvising/doodling this picture.


170228 Executive Pinocchio (2017) oil on canvas 29 x 23cm

I like this Hopper quote.


Today I saw this video made by James Kalm visiting an exhibition of paintings by Nicole Eisenman. I find her painting and drawing very hit and miss, but her content and drive to make pictures is wonderful and inspiring. In this video I love when James says he thinks Eisenman “attracts a lot of attention because she really seems to have a lot of fun with her painting”. What a great quality to have in painting! If Hopper’s idea is right, that improvisation allows more of the artist to “come out”, then fun could surely be part of that, and a valuable part.


2 thoughts on “Improvisation and having fun

  1. This painting brought a grin. You are clearly relaxed and having fun. As I play piano and have tinnitus I intend to buy it at your next big show,!


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