Sotheby’s Contemporary Art March 2017


Georg Baselitz Ein Grosser Hund oil on canvas 162 x 130cm

Here are some of the works in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art auctions this weekend. The Baselitz (above) is the stand out for me, although it looked a lot duller when I saw it in reality. They hadn’t finished setting up the spot lighting. It’s amazing what a difference that makes.

I’m now more aware of scale, and it was interesting to see the way Baselitz, Kippenberger, Prince, and Condo all place one figure roughly in the center – the large size of the canvas obviously doesn’t make them feel pressure to crowd more figures or objects into the spacial composition. This is something I’m not used to in my own larger paintings, and it’s also unusual in the paintings I’ve been looking at most closely lately (Schutz and Rauch) which tend to be more packed.


Adrian Ghenie Memories (2007) oil on canvas 111 x 150.7cm


Richard Prince Untitled (2014) inkjet and acrylic on canvas 160.6 x 127cm


Martin Kippenberger Die Mutter von Joseph Beuys [The Mother of Joseph Beuys] (1984) oil on canvas, in 4 parts, overall: 240 by 200 cm


Sigmar Polke Der Fussballspieler [The Footballer] (1983) watercolour, gouache and ink on paper
99 x 70.5cm


George Condo The Rock (2010) oil, acrylic and charcoal on linen
203.2 x 177.8cm


Gilbert & George Drugs (2011) mixed media, in six parts, overall: 152 x 187.5cm


Kelley Walker Black Star Press (2005) black and white chocolate over inkjet print on canvas laid down on panel, in three parts each: 91.5 x 71cm


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