Over painting and textured surface


170305a Muscle Vest Nipples (2017) oil on canvas 67 x 62cm

Dug out some old abandoned colour paintings to paint over. Pleasantly surprised by how the black and white paint looks on the rough surface of the dry impasto and masked areas. Makes me think of Arte Povera surfaces, and Anselm Kiefer. That “rugged”ness feels like something that could be played off against the illustrational/cartoonish/camp aspects of my painting.


Donald Baechler Black Horn (1997) oil on canvas 61 x 60cm

The black and white on textured surface also reminds me of Donald Baechler (above) and Terry Winters .

These were the old paintings I painted over.


In this one I didn’t cover all of the original colour painting. Usually I don’t like black and white pictures with small areas of colour, but in this one I like how it looks.


170305b Night Bird (2017) oil on canvas 57 x 43cm


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