First exhibition: Instinct #3, Berlin


I’ve been invited to show some of my paintings in an exhibition. This’ll be the first time my paintings are exhibited. The theme is “transformation and the masculine”, which is why I’ve been painting Pinocchio. The curators have chosen six paintings. When the exhibition’s up I’ll post pictures here.

Instinct #3
April 13th – 30th
Kurfürstenstraße 31, 10785 BERLIN

More details here.

Thank you Russell Harris and Eric Le Rouge for putting my paintings in this exhibition.


6 thoughts on “First exhibition: Instinct #3, Berlin

  1. ignore my earlier questions on FB message as I’d not seen this post then – I’m jaunting around in Oz. I look forward to seeing the pictures they’ve chosen for the show. Transformation and the Masculine the theme might well be – but I also notice on the exhibition or gallery FB site that “instinct is a art project for nonchalant talent”. Oh Jesus, where do I begin, he grins. X


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