Cartoon expressionism and drawings from childhood


170312 Tears on a Train (2017) oil on canvas 28.5 x 48cm

170312 Tears on a Train began as abstract shapes which went through a fair amount of adjustment. I was deliberately alternating my sense of what was negative and positive space. That resulted in the main areas of dark and light, which suggested the representational image.

The tilting eyebrows are such a simple cartoonish way of evoking anxiety, I had doubts about adding them. Then I remembered that I actually liked this doodle (below) that I made yesterday, which is made up of similarly cartoonish expressive drawing.


170311 Woman Kicking (2017) pencil on paper 18 x 24cm

170311 Woman Kicking looks almost exactly like drawings I made when I was a child, like this one (below) made when I was 9 years old. It was interesting to allow myself to draw that way again, after 20 years. For the first time, I see something that I really like in this “style”. It might be interesting to translate it into paint.


Accident (1990) pencil on lined paper


2 thoughts on “Cartoon expressionism and drawings from childhood

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  2. I didn’t get much from the tilting eyebrows. Maybe the reproduction doesn’t lent it support.

    But I love you as a nine year old haha. I certainly love your evident relishing of mining this material. So do it. Or at least don’t discard drawing styles which enrich you. Bring them along, invest in them., update, sophisticate them, import them into your composing if you feel like it. Because they are not tortured, rather they seem to flow, you report this, this is rich vein stuff to work with.

    The adjustment of the abstract shapes in Tears on a Train looks like just that. That’s not an analysis you would want for a painting. I know, you are experimenting. And I’m an impatient friend Liam.

    Not only that, you are trying to move forward on so many fronts. I’ve loved reading about your fiddling with technique; I haven’t commented but I never miss and always try to suck it in and help round out some kind of picture of your moving on. Eg. the large scale stuff, your new easel, dealing with negative spaces.

    But hey, mate, all this is fertile stuff. You are striving at your craft. Art will come, but you must trust that you have something to give, to say, to spray, to make that will be superb. Meanwhile you have an exhibition on in Berlin. Fuck yeah. I’m reckoning that, however small and tucked away that might be (and I don’t know any such thing), just exhibiting, shitting yourself, imbibing and engaging with multiple responses and having complexity of responses yourself, will kick something else off in you.

    Mate, much of what I say assumes you are an immature art school graduate. I know that that is wrong. And I apologise for it again. I am attracted hugely to your humility however and I have some hope that your proven experience in creating, in being the ultimate culprit responsible for the outcome in a significantly successful commercial, creative project PLUS your deep and abiding and worthwhile and smart efforts to learn about painting and learn to paint PLUS your yearning to do this at the highest level attainable within our culture will all combine to get you there.

    Oh dear, please answer honestly if you think I am off beam or just annoying. As I don’t know what background you have had in art knowledge, I am no doubt seriously shortchanging you on that front. And i am well known (to myself anyway hehe) to draw conclusions from the material in front of me, which are way off the mark.

    I would love to eyeball you, with a bottle of wine,, in your painting space, with your paintings all around, and tough out a conversation with you over a long period and get under your skin. Instead, I know I’m fortunate to be able to read your constant diary updates and to write back and forth with you.

    Brevity will be my forté next life around


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