New material: Lukas medium 5


This is Lucas medium 5, for impasto painting. It’s a lot thicker than the mediums I’ve used previously, almost the same viscosity as paint out of the tube. I’m experimenting using it to create a textured undercoat.


170313a Grey Scale (2017) oil on canvas 17 x 20.5cm

This (above) is a grey scale test on a piece of canvas that had an impasto coat of Lukas medium 5 the night before. I don’t think it was fully dried, but the texture is most visible on the lower half of this test.


[abandoned painting] (2016) oil on canvas 40.5 x 38cm

This (above) is an abandoned painting from last year. It has a fairly textured impasto surface. I painted over it today with this (below).


170313b Angry Bird Woman (2017) oil on canvas 40.5 x 38cm

In the past, when I photographed paintings, I tried to avoid any kind of reflection or raking shadows that would show the surface texture. It was like I wanted the paint to be only colour, with no texture. It feels better now, to use texture as part of the painting, instead of repressing its role.


2 thoughts on “New material: Lukas medium 5

  1. it seems obvious to me that texture should be allowed its place. Im surprised to read of your tentative moves here – some of the photos of your works seemed to reveal texture, I’d have to check. Liam the “abandoned painting” – was that because the composition collapsed in on itself? I find it to be quite exciting technically.


  2. Previously the texture was impasto paint on new canvas. This way is effectively an impasto undercoat with paint on top. I like the impression of a surface that’s been over worked. The abandoned painting was an exercise in painting some kind of contained light or an explosion, but I didn’t think that overall it’s a very interesting image so I didn’t mind painting over it.


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