Composition books


L-R: Mary Acton Learning to Look at Paintings (1997); Henry Rankin Poore Pictorial Composition (1967); Molly Bang Picture This (1991)

Making a study of composition from these books (with Arnheim’s Art and Visual Perception, which I’ve read before). Making hundreds of those little drawings, trying to get a feel for arranging stuff in a picture.


170316a Golden Section (2017) oil on canvas 15 x 19cm

Also, I have a long strip of spare canvas which I’ve cut into small pieces and I’m using them for doodling.


170316b Teapot Cart with Bag of Treasure (2017) oil on canvas 18 x 16cm


170316c Big Hair, Falling Brick (2017) oil on canvas 21 x 15.6cm


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