Here’s Johnny!

Thank you Martin for sending me this link to an old clip of Johnny Carson, in which an axe is positioned in almost exactly the same way I pictured it in my recent Pinocchio paintings, and in the Bedroom Door sculpture I made in 2006.

This visual echo is especially interesting because the Bedroom Door sculpture already had a strong connection to another Carson reference – the “Here’s Johnny!” scene in The Shining. Was Jack Nicholson thinking of the same axe-throwing scene when he improvised that line?


Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1981)


2 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny!

  1. What a coincidence, Jack Nicholson may have a memory reference to this Johnny Carson but I think it may have played into his subconcious the mood of that scene was like a doubleedged sword, ther’s a pun unintended just flowed out , anyway the layer of comedy with terror all at the same time is more chilling since we know Jack’s possessed


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