Small canvases


170323a Jug (2017) oil on canvas 15.5 x 18.2cm

Finished the last of the small spare canvases. Thought it would be fun to work small but it just felt cramped. Looking forward to having more space again with some bigger paintings.


170323b Bird Rabbit (2017) oil on canvas 21 x 15.5cm


170323c Butt Owl Glassy Eyed Stare (2017) oil on canvas 15.7 x 18.5cm


170323d Big Nose Looking Right (2017) oil on canvas 16.7 x 15.7cm


170323e Smiling Arrow Face (2017) oil on canvas 16 x 16.6cm

Painted this strip with different mixes of impasto, left it to dry, painted on top. Still want to do more with texture.



170323f Texture Test (2017) oil on canvas 55 x 11cm


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