High-contrast colour


170421a Red Insects (2017) oil on canvas 20 x 30cm

Trying to discipline myself to mix colours either dark or light, and not so many mid-tones. Some weird compositions here, but I didn’t take the time to repaint much because that would have slowed down the painting, and the faster I go with these, the more I learn about colour in the process.


170421b Rainbow and Shooting Star (2017) oil on canvas 13.5 x 13.5cm


170421c Rainbow with Buttercups 12.9 x 14.3cm


170421d Yellow Arch with Snow and Dung (2017) oil on canvas 32.4 x 23.7cm


170421e Prisoner Gets Three Years (2017) oil on canvas 36 x 31.6cm


3 thoughts on “High-contrast colour

  1. I don’t buy that these are weird compositions. Seemingly a lot of your composing marches with your brushwork and there’s always liveliness, the mind ponders and sucks them in – for me that’s an ineffable aspect, I can’t really say why. It’s telling with me though for I have a low interest-in-paintings threshold.

    I’m not sure why you are avoiding mixing mid tones – but these ones are full of singing colour. I H.A.T.E. that I must too often use affective adjectives rather than employ descriptions which disclose my responses better. So I’ll labour a little: the colours seem to generate as much for me as the forms your paint – Your technique with shadow and toning and obvious brush strokes also always strike me as instrinsically important.


    • Thanks Philip, comments like this are really helpful and encouraging. I think what I meant about mid-tones was that I didn’t want to make paintings with only mid tones, or with mid-tone colour and black shadows. When I paint in black and white I’m conscious of tone, but sometimes when I was painting in colour I was so preoccupied with hue that I was really careless with tone and then wondered why the results were flat and unsatisfying. “your composing marches with your brushwork” – if you’re not already a writer on art, you could give a few of the pros a run for their money!


      • Good to know that you are conscious of a challenge with tone when you use colours. In that case, I’m pleased in a not too petty way (I hope) that I wrote my last sentence above, Your tones in the works were an evident part of why they succeeded.

        your compliment’s nice too Liam

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