Old habits die hard


170424a (2017) oil on canvas

I’ve said before that I’m trying to forget about colour names when I paint because they don’t correspond with how I see (due to my cvd) and it’s better for me to get the colours onto the palette and forget which tube they came from. Today is the first time I’ve really tried to put that into practice. It’s a nice idea, but it’s difficult to break the habit of holding in my head which colours are which and what they were mixed from, etc. Especially because I have to reach for the tubes every so often to top up the palette.

Working with colour based only on sight is a very unfamiliar process and will take getting used to, but it feels like a necessary step. At first I felt completely at sea, made a few small colour sampler type tests, and then made 170424a. It hardly looks like one of my paintings, at least to me, which is a good sign, I think. (It reminds me a bit of early Paula Rego, also the Cobra artists)


170424b Yellow Tree (2017) oil on canvas

After that I lurched into stuff that looks like it was made by someone doing a class on Post-Impressionism and Fauvism. I was thinking of Bonnard (I wish!). They’re dumb and heavy, but I learnt a lot from making them.


170424c Shadow (2017) oil on canvas


170424d Ball (2017) oil on canvas


170424e Spider (2017) oil on canvas


170424f Tree in Valley (2017) oil on canvas

Then I got tired of all that turn-of-the-century stuff and made this little Kippenberger thing. I like the depth of the overlaid drawing. Apart from Kippenberger, the overlaying makes me think of Picabia’s transparencies and some paintings by Jutta Koether.


170424g (2017) oil on canvas


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