Mixing time


170428a Giraffe Skin (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

More practice mixing colours from photographs, this time with slightly more subtle colours than the bright primaries and secondaries I was working on yesterday. I’m getting used to the extra time spent mixing, and I mix all the colours before I start each painting. These colours look passable to me, but probably they don’t look so good for people with normal colour vision.


170428b Two Mackerel (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

By putting my paintings into Photoshop, I can compare the colours to the original source photos, measured in RGB. My gold has less red in it than the original image, and the brown patches on the mackerel are more green in my painting. I don’t know how critical those differences are.


170428c Gold Thing (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

When I was painted the giraffe skin and mackerels I used up all the paint I mixed, but this gold thing (above) had some paint left over, so I made another gold painting with what was there (below). Copying a form faithfully is just an exercise to me, so it’s fun when there’s enough paint left over to try something like this. Eventually I’d like to be able to mix a palette using a source image for the colours, and then use that to paint my own invented images.


170428d Gold Objects (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm


2 thoughts on “Mixing time

  1. I’m not there for you to check with but from this distance, you’ve nailed not only the colours – you’ve employed them in a successful way. Your subtleness in black and white is unquestionable. You have got there with these. They are fucking wonderful in the way the tones and the luminosity charge the paintings dynamically


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