Combining palettes from multiple image sources


170501a White Silk (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

This “white silk” was a really interesting palette to work with. The hues might be way off, I don’t know. I like the way it reads as white fabric, but is also clearly patches of coloured paint applied without finesse.


170501c Union Jack (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

There was enough paint left over from this Union Jack to paint another flag, but I wanted to try putting it in a new context. I found a photograph of a desert and used the colour palette to make this background. This is the first time I’ve used two different photographs as colour sources for one painting. It opens up the possibilities.


170501d Dead Soldier in Desert (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm

With the remaining paint, I made this. Quick exercises like this give me a chance to practice improvising composition.


170501e Desert with Plants and Rocks (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm


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