New material: Paper


170424h (2017) oil on canvas 11 x 9cm

I made these when I started painting in colour again after the Berlin exhibition. I didn’t bother posting them at the time because I thought they were so uninteresting, but they’ve grown on me while they’ve been hanging about drying.


170424i (2017) oil on canvas 13 x 11cm

I tried making a painting with similar blobby spots of colour over tonal gradations (below). As is often the case when I plan a picture, the looseness got lost and was replaced by a static illustrational effect. Lately I’m in the habit of mixing a set of colours to make a “tight” painting like this, in order to free me up to use the left-over colours in more casual “experiments”.


170506a Deer Eating Watermelon (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 30cm

Deer Eating Watermelon (above) was painted on my last piece of canvas and the new stuff hasn’t been delivered. I used the remaining paint on pieces of ordinary photocopy paper. It’s really interesting how differently the paint goes on to such a smooth white surface, and dries almost on contact, allowing other colours to be laid on top almost immediately without blending. I wonder if there are ways of priming canvas to behave in the same way, in order to have parts of the painting on that kind of surface and other parts on the type of canvas surface I’m already used to.


170506b Deer Watermelon (2017) oil on paper 21 x 30cm


170506c Deer Dog (2017) oil on paper 21 x 30cm


170506d Flowers (2017) oil on paper 21 x 30cm


170506e Dripping Keg (2017) oil on paper 21 x 30cm

I like when the colour relations cease to represent any particular objects or even light conditions, like the yellow and green in the background of this picture. Also, the orange and pink in 170505 Foot Transplant.


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