Flowers in Cup + spare paint paintings


170520a Flowers in Cup (2017) oil on canvas 125 x 100cm

This is the largest colour painting I’ve made so far. I mixed the colours from a collage of photographs I made, and the forms and tonal relationships come from a sketch. The most interesting part for me was the green linear structure behind the flowers – the way it corrals the composition and suggests to me some kind of movement or (at the bottom) an additional spacial structure.

I wore the colour-blindness glasses the whole time I was mixing and painting this. Apart from changing the balance of hues, they also reduce light levels, like sunglasses. When I took them off I was surprised by how bright the painting is.

This painting required mixing more colours than I’ve done previously, and in larger amounts. As usual, I made small paintings with the mixed paint that was left over. I hope that what I learn from making these will feed into future paintings.


170515a Sunflower (2017) oil on canvas 35 x 30cm


170515b Impasto Sunflower (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 25cm


170515c Footprints on Moon Beach (2017) oil on canvas 35 x 40cm


170520b Faceless (2017) oil on canvas 30 x 35cm


170520c Abstract (2017) oil on canvas 25 x 30cm


4 thoughts on “Flowers in Cup + spare paint paintings

  1. you’re firing!

    The colours of this painting are brilliant. The tones and shadings seem real and there are no questionable choices or effects. I’m glad you pointed out the feature of the green structure behind the flowers. This reminded me of one of those prop or climbing devices used by gardeners – yet it does deliver an extra plane for the whole. As does the snaking track of smaller white flowers – giving us something else to comtemplate and follow – to where? we don’t find out. The angled horizon adds to the movement and the RH border particularly suggests an unlimited field extending beyond it.

    Is it trying, painting in those glasses?

    Well, big boy, this is a big painting. And it say YES

    smiling hugely Liam xxx

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    • Thanks for the comment, Phil! I haven’t had a lot of time for painting lately, but making this one has given me lots of ideas for more things to try. I’ve got another new one I’m posting now. Thanks as always for your input. 😀


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  3. Because of your consistent and considered posts I imagine that you itare in your garrett painting all day ha. This is not a personal correspondence but of course it develops some depth as it goes and along with that has come a lot of fun and learning for me. And even anticipation. So here’s to lots more from your garret Liam x


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